What is LOGalyze?

When we say log management we mean latest intelligence technology. We speak and practice a language; a language of revolutionary data collection, unconventional collecting, analyzing and reporting of event logs that is driven by both security and compliance. In addition, the latest LOGalyze 4 comes with convenient features that include effective dealing of audit records, audit trails and event logs.


LOGalyze Focus

Our focus widely covers cutting edge revolutionary services and solutions for both system admin, and security as well as for management. Besides collecting and analyzing data, it is also normalized and parsed with any custom made log definition. And, our years of expertise have enabled us to provide these services from any device according to the customer requirements.
Above all, with our free unlimited log management tool, customers can take advantage of utilizing the service for both personal and non-profit project without any limitations.

Incredible Features

If you are looking for a robust centralized log collection, a secure and safe compliance audits and reports and a complete real time correlation services, LOGalyze is just for you. Before buying our product, try our free online demo and see for yourself how convenient and beneficial it is to your business growth. Whether it is collection, parsing, indexing or even storing log data, our multipurpose software application, with new tested technological features, provides quick solutions and some of the major features include exporting log data into CSV, XLS, PDF or HTML formats from any device, OS, or application.

By using spectacular real time correlation, LOGalyze offers superior correlation rules, reports and responses that enable speedy deployment as quick as within an hour or even less. An unique service of automatic generation of compliance audits by providing reports like HIPAA, PCI DSS and Sarbanes to name a few has made LOGalyze stand out to be the most preferred log management software in the market.

Software Solutions that is Complete and Comprehensive

Though there are several log management and intelligence available, only LOGalyze comes with remarkable features such as versatile log analyzer engine that collects, parses, and analyzes the modules and gives statistics, events and logs comprehensively. Even the most challenging computer generated log messages can be predefined, customized and filtered using our user-engaging administrator interface. What's more! LOGalyze manages wide log definitions collecting events from windows, linux, Network devices; Oracle audit trails system software logs and has ability to parse custom business application logs.

Beyond Regular Service and Solutions

Beyond log management, analysis and security and compliance, LOGalyze offers an exclusive partnership program so that the partner is empowered with access to resources that can drive both license and service business. This great partnership opportunity helps especially resellers, system builders and technology partners to take advantage of high impact solutions and sales benefits which in turn boosts the business revenue. It is a mutual profit between the LOGalyze and its business partners.

Overcoming Challenges and Building Better Technology

Recently, dealing with large volumes of computer generated log messages is one of the biggest challenges faced especially after the invent of internet and worldwide web. It needs expertise, experience on both technological and domain front. LOGalyze has been playing a quintessential role in discovering and maximizing this intelligence for past many decades.

LOGalyze Motto

The logic of LOGalyze is simple. It strongly believes in providing ultimate services and solutions in log management through a straightforward motto, "Search, Find, Analyze". After understanding the customers' requirements, LOGalyze has now introduced an online demo that provides complete--as it is software--application free. This enables the customers to practically use the features even before buying the product.

More Benefits yet Affordable

Additionally, the pro support and online community support with various options such as LOGalyze mailing list, online documentation, FAQs, knowledge base, LOGalyze forum and BlOGalyze has made LOGalyze the most preferred company by the customers worldwide. The friendly yet professional customer support team will respond to the queries promptly by phone or email so that the customers is guided until they get comfortable with the LOGalyze products and services.

Around the world, LOGalyze has become one of the most established log management service and solution providers that cater the needs by controlling even the most sophisticated audit records, trails, event-logs from various devices. If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy and credible product for system administration, security and management of log messages, try LOGalyze, experience our free online products and you will come back for more.


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