On-site and Off-site Log Management Systems

Collecting, indexing and analyzing the audit trails and logs has become as advanced as ever before. It is gaining vital importance after the advent of futuristic telecommunication, World Wide Web and Internet. Some of the top players like Arcsight, RSA, Splunk, Loggly and Sumo Logic are practicing revolutionary concepts in this science bringing real time data collection, analysis and reporting with customized alert and notification options. Effectively using the cloud technology has become a known trade for many popular log management companies in the recent years.

Introduction to On-site and Off-site log management systems

For those who are still confused between the two types of log management system, onsite and offsite service, here is simple way to distinguish them. An on-site log management system is installed in the local network of the organization while an offsite are in the cloud that has to be sent to LaaS provider who will monitor, collect, analyze, normalize and report the computer-generated log messages such as audit records, trails and event logs.

Here is a matrix that brings details about on-site and off-site log management

On-site log management

Off-site or Logging as a Service (LaaS)

Onsite software is installed in the local network

Offsite are in cloud, data centers, and you have to send them to a LaaS provider and you get a web interface to manage your log reports, alerts etc.

Initial installation cost is high

No installation has the entire application in on cloud

Initial price of license is high

Comparitevely, depending the size of the data, prices are affordable

Once implemented in the network, the scope for customization is less and is time consuming

Customization of application is easy and relatively lot of time.

Data collection, analysis and reporting is real time

Though data collection and analysis is real time, only few top log management companies offer real time monitoring and reporting services

Which is better?

Many small and medium sized companies that deals with relatively small to medium data logs go for offsite logging as a service (LaaS) as it is both affordable and also offer time flexibility. Loggly and Sumo Logic are some popular LaaS companies that offers attractive product benefits such as pay-as-you-go hourly plans, membership discounts, and average monthly price options. However, a thorough research on finding the reliable log management service provider is essential before investment. Ideally, as one of the best practice, companies prefer those log management companies that offers free online demo before even buying their software application. This allows the customers to try hands on experience on the intelligence tool to make a wise decision.

Every company that is not only looking for event monitoring, management and archiving but also searching for a reliable log management software that helps ensure compliance abiding various regulatory acts like SOX, PCI DSS, or HIPAA must first identify the goal behind collecting log data. Once the goal is finalized, it is easy to decide whether to opt for onsite or offsite log management system. It is also wise to request the log management service provider to offer a free online demo to study the strengths and weakness of the log management software applications. In fact companies like LOGalyze offer attractive solutions at an affordable price. Even customized solutions are provided based on the individual customer requirements. Additional advantages such as real time correlation and centralized log collections are some highlights of recent log management software applications.

For every business, one of the biggest challenges is to manage the log data and to adhere to compliance. With creative planning and controlling one can reach excellence by using the latest intelligences tools.

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