First try it, before you buy it

Why is it good to try any software before you buy it

Does a piece of software walks the talk? Before buying software applications, trying it out through an online demo is as important as comparing the features, price and after sales support. This practice not only gives live assurance to the buyer but also builds trust, comfort and credibility even before making buying decisions. In fact, many successful software products offer free online demo so that one can experience the feel of the applications and ease of use.

The description may talk about features and benefits but only an Online Demo can answer some of the unanswered questions. So, providing users with real time experience, through a comprehensive demo that includes user friendly interface, as it is in the real software, is one of the best ways to acquire new customers. Once the customer experience the online demo and feel satisfied, the buying decision becomes quicker.

Software Worth

While trying the online software demo, the user realizes the worth of the software and gets convinced about the pricing. So, instead of providing a long description, highlighting the features and benefits, many successful software companies simply provide a free online demo that markets itself.

User-Software Competence

Many software applications are loaded with sophisticated functions and admiring user interface, but is the user competent enough to use this software? This question is answered once the software is practically operated by the user through an online demo.

Keeping all these factors in mind, LOGalyze, one of the log management software companies, provide a free online demo of the course just to ensure that right buying decisions are made by the customers even before buying our new robust intelligence software. We strongly believe in "Try it before you buy it" philosophy.

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