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When we say log management we mean latest intelligence technology. We speak and practice a language; a language of revolutionary data collection, unconventional collecting, analyzing and reporting of event logs that is driven by both security and compliance. In addition, the latest LOGalyze 4 comes with convenient features that include effective dealing of audit records, audit trails and event logs.

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On-site and Off-site Log Management Systems https://www.logalyze.com/support/blogalyze/29-on-site-and-off-site-log-management-systems https://www.logalyze.com/support/blogalyze/29-on-site-and-off-site-log-management-systems

Collecting, indexing and analyzing the audit trails and logs has become as advanced as ever before. It is gaining vital importance after the advent of futuristic telecommunication, World Wide Web and Internet. Some of the top players like Arcsight, RSA, Splunk, Loggly and Sumo Logic are practicing revolutionary concepts in this science bringing real time data collection, analysis and reporting with customized alert and notification options. Effectively using the cloud technology has become a known trade for many popular log management companies in the recent years.

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First try it, before you buy it https://www.logalyze.com/support/blogalyze/27-first-try-it-before-you-buy-it https://www.logalyze.com/support/blogalyze/27-first-try-it-before-you-buy-it

Why is it good to try any software before you buy it

Does a piece of software walks the talk? Before buying software applications, trying it out through an online demo is as important as comparing the features, price and after sales support. This practice not only gives live assurance to the buyer but also builds trust, comfort and credibility even before making buying decisions. In fact, many successful software products offer free online demo so that one can experience the feel of the applications and ease of use.

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