LOGalyze integrated with the Advanced Helpdesk ticketing system. The integration addresses the major problem about the incident reporting, research and follow-up areas. The Alert, the SOAP, the Reporting or the manual review could act as the initial point for the ticketing system.

The basic functionality of the AHR is bundled with the LOGalyze license. The basic deployment fulfils the requirement of one Security Administrator and limited for 10 incidents daily.

If you are interested in the AHR product or additional license options please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +36-30-6388090


Our three levels of professional support contracts offer the best mix of price points, response times and support channels, so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Contract levels

Service Basic Premium Enterprise
Price per Year ZLOG-SB1Y:
€ 899
€ 1999
€ 3999
Price per Month ZLOG-SB1M:
€ 99
€ 199
€ 399
Guarantied response times 3 days 1 day 8 hours
Support availability times (hxd) 8x5 12x5 24x7
Number of incidents per month 2 4 Unlimited
Number of authorized support contacts 1 2 Unlimited
Online case submission Yes Yes Yes
Phone technical support No No Yes
Remote trouble-shooting No No Yes
Environment Reviews No No Yes
Sponsored development priority No No Yes

Supported languages

While English is the default language of support team, we may also provide support in Hungarian.


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Magyarországon elérhető termékcsomagok

Az alábbi csomagokat helyszíni telepítéssel és magyar nyelvű támogatással nyújtjuk.


Funkció/Szolgáltatás Base Standard Business
LOGalyze szerver Igen Igen Igen
Előre definiált logminták Igen Igen Igen
Előre definiált statisztikák   Igen Igen
Előre definiált riportok   Igen Igen
Windows loggyűjtő agent (tetszőleges számú gépre)     Igen
SNMP loggyűjtés     Igen
Nagios/HP OpenView integráció     Igen
LOGalyze szerver telepítés (8 óra) Igen Igen Igen
Oktatás (16 óra)   Igen Igen
Bevezetés támogatás (40 óra)   Igen  
Bevezetés támogatás (160 óra)     Igen



LOGalyze is an Oracle Audit Trail analyzer. It can collect Oracle Audit Trails from aud$ table or can identify and parse audit trails sent via syslog (Oracle 11 and newer).

Sample Audit trail via syslog:


Apr 14 14:25:57 oradb-server Audit[1511436]: LENGTH: "246" SESSIONID:[8] "72116485" ENTRYID:[1] "1" STATEMENT:[1] "1"
OBJ$CREATOR:[3] "SYS" OBJ$NAME:[5] "LINK$" OS$USERID:[6] "oracle" PRIV$USED:[3] "237"


LOGalyze supports the following Oracle Event Classes:

  • User
  • Role
  • Profile
  • Data
  • Object Privilege
  • User/Role Privilege
  • System Privilege

LOGalyze parses the following fields from Oracle audit trails:

  • sessionid
  • entryid
  • statement
  • userid
  • userhost
  • terminal
  • action
  • returncode
  • obj_creator
  • obj_name
  • os_userid


LOGalyze is a JDBC log analyzer. The JDBC collector allows you to create datasources that query databases, collect and store data from a SQL query, analyze them, alert on them.

LOGalyze supports any Type 4 JDBC source.

The following relational databases are supported:

  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sybase
  • Apache Derby
  • Informix
  • DB2
  • TinySQL
  • Text (CSV, Tab separated etc.)
  • and many more


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