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Free License From now on you can use LOGalyze for free without any limitation. LOGalyze has become an open source log management tool and it is free for everyone, even commercial purposes. All you have to do is download LOGalyze for free and use it.


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Collect http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/16-collect http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/16-collect

LOGalyze collects event logs from distributed Windows hosts or syslogs from distributed Linux/Unix/Solaris/AIX hosts, active network elements - including switches and routers -, firewalls, IDS/IPS or files generated by any system or application, or SNMP traps.

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Parse, Store http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/17-parse-store http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/17-parse-store

LOGalyze identifies the collected logs, classifies them by source host, severity, type, splits them into fields and stores for efficient analyzing.

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Analyze http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/18-analyze http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/18-analyze

Analyzer engine of LOGalyze includes value added capability of analyzing log data. Offers multi-dimensional statistics and correlated event detection real-time. Unique integration with our AHR ticketing system provides straightforward incident management and review capabilities.


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Report, Alert http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/19-report-alert http://www.logalyze.com/14-first-page/19-report-alert

LOGalyze includes predefined compliance reports and possibility of making custom reports based on parsed data. With plug-in style Alert modules it notifies users or other systems when an event matching one or more specified criteria is generated.

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